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RQ: Alter by Squeetheidiot

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Welcome to my DeviantArt profile! My name is Vincent, though I choose to credit myself with my artist alias -- Marek Sterling. I'm currently in the making of my continuous prose and comic series - "Protector of Chaos" - starring Alter the Wolf. I love futuristic themes and aspects, which you'll notice upon browsing through my profile and gallery. I hope that you will enjoy everything that I have to offer! My style of art is constantly "altering", but I always give my best in everything that I share here.

:star: For behind-the-scene and exclusive content of my "Protector of Chaos" series, watch my alternative account - MatrixFactory.

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Final Decision

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 9:05 AM
Thanks to everyone who voted on my recent poll, which you can find here:…

The reason I set it up was because I had been considering changing my method for updating my POCDX comic. I've realized that throughout the span of early last year to where we are now in 2015, I've only managed to complete (up to this point) 4 comic pages and the cover which totals to 5 pages, and it just seems that I'm either not moving fast enough or I'm just downright lazy, lol. So I thought changing my method would help things move more smoothly.

But before I jumped ahead of myself and did that, I wanted to see the opinion of my watchers, the people who are on board and want to see more of my work with POCDX and other works and projects, though I'll only talk about POC here to avoid getting off topic. It's important to me that I'm not dissatisfying you all too often, but I feel I've been doing that a little too much as of late. Since I started going to college, I've been forced to put my comic on hiatus and just recently returned because I'm now on Spring Break for a good 10 weeks and now have all the time in the world to get back to my comic. But also last year, I started POC: The Comic, then as my art improved I felt that POCTC (after completing only 3 pages) could evolve which lead to me remastering it and renaming it POC Destiny-X. So you see, after all this time you would think we would probably be at least on Issue 2 by now, but maybe I'm underestimating exactly how long this should take.

Looking at the poll, it seems the majority of the votes are in favor of me not changing my method and prefer things to remain as they are where I work on the pages and upload them as they're completed. I was mostly in favor of Method 2 (seeing as I'm the only one who voted for it lol) because I don't like making you all wait so long for the pages. Though if I were to go with Method 2, I would simply be putting the comic back on hiatus again, which is why I think you all prefer the first Method because you would still be getting updates instead of waiting for the comic to return after an unknown amount of time. I also don't think I'm ready for something like that, not right now at least. I can be really slow when drawing and coloring the pages, and it would be decades before I would start uploading them again if I go with Method 2. So Method 1 seems to be the most logical approach until I do get fast enough, and truth be told, I'm already getting faster. The last 2 pages I worked on only took me 2 days to complete (for each page). Before that, I couldn't finish a page at least for 2 weeks, which is so ridiculous and would explain why we only have 5 completed pages. So yes, I'll be sticking with Method 1 for the time being. Maybe by the end of the Prologue Issue, I'll be fast enough to do Method 2, but I think regardless if I'm fast enough or not, you guys don't want to be kept waiting and will still prefer Method 1.

Methods 3 and 4 have been on my mind for quite some time now. I'm always telling myself after every 5 comic pages, I'll do a chapter from POC 2, but again, in the past it used to take me 2 weeks to finish just 1 page, but now in the present I'm capable of getting a page out in 2 days if I stay focused, so it's now possible for me to do something like that. I don't think it's fair for me to focus solely on my comic and leave the prose POC in limbo. I started POC off as a prose series, so my older watchers are big fans of that series and have been waiting patiently for the next chapter. I think now that I'm faster, I can incorporate Method 3 into Method 1 to continue both the comic and prose series. So here's my final decision!

I will continue to work on POCDX as I've been doing, and for every 5 pages that get completed, I'll then shift my focus back to POC 2 (aka the current version of the prose POC), and then work on the next 5 pages of the comic series and repeat ad nauseam. I do think that I should give myself some sort of schedule so that I'm not just working on POC "when the mood is right". That's another reason why it takes so long getting POC updated. Instead, I should make it a goal to get 5 pages done within 2 weeks, if I'm capable of keeping that up. I think this will also challenge me to move faster with my art and I'll just naturally speed up the longer I keep at it.

So that's that! When I do eventually go back to college, there may be times where I'm unable to keep up with this new schedule since I'll have school work to focus on, but in that case I'll make another journal to explain circumstances like that and will just alter the schedule to include both college work and POC so that way I don't just stop working on POC entirely and go back on hiatus.

My goal is to finally complete POC 2 (yes, the entire story) if not during the Summer, then some time during Fall. I'm hoping I can have the Prologue of POCDX done before I go back to college at the end of my Spring Break, but I probably shouldn't rush myself. If I do, the pages will be very messy and sloppy. So all I can do is to just stay devoted to my new schedule and in time we'll be at the end of the Prologue and at the beginning of Issue 1. Since I technically have 5 pages of POCDX completed (again, counting the cover) I should work on the next POC 2 chapter right now. But I think I'll do the next comic page first so the page number is 5, then I'll know to do another POC 2 chapter when I reach page 10, then 15, and so on.

With that said, keep an eye out for some POC updates!

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